A division of Allfasteners

For all stages of the tower modification process, from the drawings to the material list, through to manufacture, through to job site inspection, AF Tower specialize in the supply of fastening products for cell phone towers. We also design and manufacture custom parts.

Our parent company Allfasteners has been the dominant construction fasteners supplier in Australia and the USA for many decades. With this expertise and a knowledge of the needs of the US telecommunications industry, AF Tower makes sure that all infrastructure for keeping Americans connected is in A1 condition, via supply of specialized bolts, shims, reinforcement products and more.

Allfasteners NexGen2

The Allfasteners NexGen2 blind bolt assembly is convenience, sophistication, and precision all in one. Designed for monopole tower modifications and upgrades, this bolt is perfect for installation of structural bolts without access to the back side of the connection.


Certified Welders

We’re proud to have CWI and certified welders on staff to build our products with integrity. Learn more.

Send Us Your Drawings

We can provide a complete parts list from your job's drawing prints and send you a quote for the required modification materials. Learn more.